Instructions for i-Delivery usage


The easiest and most optimal way to organize shipment deliveries, drivers and accurately manage customer and supplier invoicing.

For the driver i-DeliveryApp offers the complete tool to operate in the field in full efficiency:

  • Takes charge of the single shipment
  • Import destination addresses
  • Intuitively plan routes by calculating optimal routes
  • Offers digitally signed delivery and proof of delivery and Geolocation (POD)
  • Stores the times of activity of the drivers
  • Work shift real time consulting

For the shipping manager i-Delivery offers the flexibility and freedom to manage parcel transactions away from the desk, all from the comfort of your PC or Tablet.

  • Route Management for Driver and Station / Customer
  • Shipping management
  • Delivery tracking
  • Schedule Work Shifts
  • Management of drivers and their daily, weekly and monthly route times
  • Management of the services provided
  • Creation of the draft invoice

i-Delivery is a very simple shipment and delivery management system. With the option to select the driver and the pick-up station / customer and the optimal route calculated on the distance to the destinations.
Invoices can be generated with the date and time of each shipment. Avoiding the risk of losing or making it difficult to bill services to customers. It becomes easy to focus only on customer service performance.

Access i-Delivery and download the App

WEB i-Delivery Control Panel
For all shipping, routes and invoicing management activities

After logging into the i-Delivery WEB page with the credentials provided during registration, a screen appears with the daily activities and the most frequent options.

All other options, illustrated below, are available by selecting the Menu button on the left of the page.

I-Delivery application
For all delivery activities

To use the i-Delivery Application, simply visit the i-Delivery APP with the credentials created in the i-Delivery Control Panel as illustrated here .
It is therefore not necessary to download in the Apple Store or Play Store.
Enter the credentials created in the Chapter (Create the Drivers fleet)

i-DeliveryApp is a PWA (Progressive Web App)

Installation for quick and direct access is very simple:

You will find the i-Delivery icon among those of the installed apps.
Access the addresses specified above and follow these simple actions:

  • Android : Click on the Install App button
  • iPhone : Click on the share icon and then on Add to Home Screen
  • Desktop : Click on the Menu  icon  >  Install i-DeliveryApp

I-Delivery icon on Mobile

Preliminary operations:
Insert information of the Stations / Customers

Station means the place of your customer where the driver will take charge of shipments destined for delivery for the performance of his business.

To enter the data, simply access the New Station function through the menu and enter the required data.

This data will then be used to create the Invoice Draft as illustrated here .
The rate at which the Invoicing is calculated can be customized through the box on the left.

Important step: after creating the list of drivers, it will be necessary to enable which drivers will be able to operate through the box on the left.
This operation is also available on the detail page of the individual driver.


Preliminary operations:
Insert data of the drivers assigned to the delivery

Preparing the list of drivers allows the drivers themselves to access i-DeliveryApp with their own UserName and Password and then start carrying out their own activity.

To enter the data, simply access the New Driver function through the menu and enter the required data.

The System verifies that the User Name chosen for the Driver has not already been chosen

The last step to make the driver operational will be to select the stations in which the driver will be able to operate through the box on the left.


Take charge of the shipments and prepare the route for delivery

This phase represents the beginning of the delivery activities for the driver at the station / customer

The drivers in charge of delivery begin to operate simply in two ways:

  • Starting the delivery shift;

    This method is sufficient to start the activity, therefore skipping the subsequent insertion phase of the individual shipments when the route is organized with independent methodologies to the i-Delivery System.

  • By entering the data of the shipments taken in charge for the deliveries:

    • - Shipping number (manually or by reading the bar code through the smartphone camera;
    • - Recipient's name and destination address.
      The destination address is optimal if it is entered as: House
      number Street / Square Postcode City

At the end of this withdrawal phase i-DeliveryApp is ready to display the optimized route.

This function offers the optimal route calculated on the distance of the addresses entered in the phase of taking charge of the shipments shown above. When this function is opened, i-Delivery offers the first closest delivery and with a click the user can open the route on the GoogleMaps or Waze navigator .


Deliver shipments to recipients

The driver in charge of delivery completes the delivery by simply selecting the button Delivery and in the following screen:

Entering the delivery data:

  • Shipping number (manually or by reading the bar code with the smartphone camera);
  • Taking the signature for the confirmation of delivery.

The signature and geographic coordinates of the Delivery Confirmation (POD) will be available in detail on the shipment in the i-Delivery Control Panel .

The driver can check the list of shipments of the day through the appropriate button.


Check and revise shipments

From the office it is possible to monitor the progress of delivery activities and check the shipments ordered for:

Alternatively, you can search for shipments by entering any data in the appropriate functionality available SHIPMENT SEARCH :

For each shipment it is possible:
  • Modify the shipping data and update its location on the Map;
  • Check and change the delivery status (manual delivery closure);
  • View the signature made by the recipient during delivery;
  • View the geolocation of the delivery.


Check and Map Routes

A route is the service that a driver carried out in a day at a station regardless of the number of deliveries made.
From the office you can check the Routes sorted by:

Alternatively you can consult the Routes on the Map HERE :

For each shipment it is possible:
  • Modify the shipping data and update its location on the Map;
  • Check and change the delivery status (manual delivery closure);
  • View the signature made by the recipient during delivery;
  • View the geolocation of the delivery.
  • View the route of the individual driver with all his deliveries.


Schedule and share work shifts

Never more confusion or misunderstanding about Driver's work shift again! These easy to use work shift calendar tool make planning simple and quick.

The Shift Manager organize the work shifts with a sample Drag and Drop tools into a calendar. The duration will be customized also depending on the Slot Duration setted up in the Station Detail Page that determinate the Service Rate.

Quickly you can check the Shifts scheduled (highlighted in green color) and realized (highlighted in blue color) in a unique page sorted by:
  • days
  • Weeks
  • Months

Alternatively you can consult the Agenda for the single Driver in the differents details pages selecting the Agenda Icon .

In the meanwhile the Driver can consult his Work Shift in the App :

Also scheduling massive Shifts get easy with the tools DUPLICATE WEEK and DELETE WEEK .

Attendance and Routes counting for the remuneration Hours to the Drivers

This priced i-Delivery utility allows you to count the actual hours of service provided by the Drivers in the delivery activity.
The timetables are counted both in the classic delivery activities and in the routes activities even in the cases of carrying out multiple routes interspersed with hours of non-activity.

Attendance management is organized by driver and in turn for:

The general view immediately offers the calculation of the total Routes and Hours for each Driver and with a simple click you can go back to the complete operation of the Daily Route for all the checks of the Hours / Routes to be paid to the Driver.

Invoicing Delivery Services

This precious i-Delivery utility allows to overcome the administrative complexity of Invoicing services in Companies that serve multiple Stations and Customers simultaneously with Drivers who deliver located in the territory.
The same advantage is then replicated in the accounting of the drivers' timetables.

Billing management is organized by station and once a week.

The summary of the Billing by Station offers a summary list of the Weekly Routes Invoiced and those still to be invoiced.

When the Customer is definitively invoiced, the Invoice Draft is proposed and suggested to save it so as to mark it as invoiced and to be able to consult it in the future.

This Draft Invoice contains all the detailed elements for issuing the invoice to be sent to the Customer. The latter, which will contain characteristic elements independent of i-Delivery (e.g. Invoice Number-Telematic Submission) must be prepared and prepared in the classic manner of the Company.